Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lessons Learned

A couple of lessons have already been learned in the new house.

#1--Don't leave pencils or pens in Kendrick's reach. He will write on the wall.

#2--25 lbs. of flour is enough for 6 months. Remember the bag of flour I bought at Christmas time? I have 6 cups left.

#3--Cavett is learning to respect his toys. The prized monorail was mis-handled and quit moving along the track. Tears ensued. But, he has it down. His repsonse was, "maybe when Jesus comes back he will fix it and make it right again."


Amber said...

An unorthodox but nonetheless theologically sound comment by Cavett.


davis family said...

Is my child responsible for the mis-handling? If so, I am more than sorry and will replace it gladly - I don't want Cavett to have to wait until the second coming to play with his prized toy again!

Claire said...

Oh, we hide writing utensils too...