Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Guilty Pleasure of the Summer Months

We love blueberries. No really, we REALLY LOVE blueberries. We pick them every summer and I try to freeze enough to ration all year long. This is Cavett's 3rd year to pick and Kendrick's 2nd. I had to go into this year thinking that I wouldn't pick enough with the age that Kendrick is and that was definitely the case. Like Cavett's first year, all he did was eat them and the color minded not. Cavett on the other hand probably picked a pint. I was so proud! This year we headed into east Texas--about 20 minutes south of Grandmamas--to Edom, TX.

Love the different expressions on these faces.

"The green ones are sour! Don't eat those, Kendrick!"

The unfortunate part was that it was so hot that Kendrick was sweating profusely. Then, thee sand would stick to him as he picked the berries off the ground. Then he would rub his face and get it in his eyes.

We cooled off at the end with some water and a frozen blueberry treat.
It was a good day and we may try and go back in a couple of weeks while we are staying at Grandmama's house.


CC said...

Those faces are awesome!! I bought 10 blueberry plants this year to replace the 6 that I've had for a few years but never produced. We bought special mulch and compost and hope these new plants do better. Cuz we love blueberries too!

Falcone Family said...

I am so jealous that you do not have humdity attached to that heat! it's yucky here!

Love seeing the boys...i soo miss them!

davis family said...

Hate we missed the trip! It looks like you guys had a great time. Love the little tractor pic!

Esther said...

Aww Jennifer, I miss y'all!! =(

Hope they are having a blast =)

Lemonade Day is coming to DFW next May - just thought I'd let you know first! Cavett & Anna Grace can totally do it :)
(I'm doing this for my internship and I've been assigned SF/Bay Area)


Email me if you wanna find out more info/keep in touch: esther@lemonadeday.org =)