Sunday, June 14, 2009

And so it goes....

It seems I can't catch up these days. Life is full. So, this one will not be poetic or thoughful. It's purely to see what we have been up to and an entry in our family journal.

Last week as we hung out with the Falcones and worked at VBS, we also had a special treat Wednesday night of hanging with our Sugar Land groupies. The boys were invited to the Smith kid's birthday party at the neighborhood pool. They had a blast and wore themselves out. Kendrick tried out the diving board for the first time and truly enjoyed it.

Thursday was "Core" night out at a local Italian joint. Good food, good friends, good wine and a good babysitter. What more can you ask for. Thanks, Crystal!

Friday I left the kids with Brenda for an hour or so until Stephen got off work and I zoomed back to Dallas for my future-sister-in-laws bachelorette weekend. More fun times. There were 5 of us the first night and then 2 more joined us on Saturday.

The boys came home today and worked on the play set all afternoon and evening. They are nearly finished. Maybe 3 more hours and it will be complete! I'm so proud of Stephen!

I'm looking forward to a week at home, but tomorrow we will take a trip to Grand Saline to pick some blueberries and drop Cavett off with Grandmama and Grandaddy for some special alone time.


Allison said...

Sounds like a wonderful week and even more fun weekend.

Swingset looks like great fun!

davis family said...

Ok, Stephen is the man!!! Very impressed with all the work - can't wait to show Trumon this one.

Amber said...

I heart you sister! Thanks for such a wonderful weekend!!!