Monday, June 22, 2009

The Frist Four Day Weekend

This past weekend was the first of our newly discovered 4 day weekends, now that Stephen is officially only working Monday through Wednesday.
Thursday began a bit harried as I blogged earlier with Stephen's Dad heading to the hospital. But, they are releasing him today and have really not found the root of the pain. Thank you for the prayers. Much appreciated!

Friday was a day of driving. We went back to the hospital to take the Hill's car back, since Stephen had driven it home the previous night and then Cavett and I went to the airport to pick up Nana. SHe was flying back from a vacation in SC with my 2nd sister and then she was driving on to a rehearsal dinner in Waco.

That evening we had my college roommate and dear friend, Renee and her husband, Chuch and his son, Noah for dinner. We all cooked and watched the boys thoroughly enjoy one another. Even though their age difference was almost 6 years, they had a blast. Noah is one sweet kid and we are so glad Cavett has found a friend in him.

Saturday, we began with our new family breakfast ritual of pancakes and then a trip to the gym. By lunch my sister Candace and her family arrived from Shreveport. We were to take the older kids to the wedding in Waco that afternoon while the husbands kept the little boys. SInce it was Father's Day weekend, we treated them to a babysitter that evening so that they could catch the FC Dallas soccer game.

The wedding was beautiful and it was kind of an observation wedding for Cavett and Anna Grace, because the next one they see will be in July when they are the flower girl and ring "master" for my brother Jonny and Amber. For an hour plus wedding, they did very well and the iPhone came in very handy at the end during the receiving line. However, they truly enjoyed dancing in the 100 degree heat at the reception.

Saturday night the sibling converged at the local karaoke joint up the roda and sang a mean version of "Love Shack" and Candace and Amber Sang "Stand By Your Man." It was quite a sight and a memory to be had.

Sunday for Father's Day we hit our first visit to a church in the area, Suncreek UMC. It was the contemporary service, because that was the time that worked for our visitors, but I don't think that will be the service we go to. We will try it again once they have their new preacher and we will visit the traditional service.

Brunch was held at Cheesecake Factory and I think it was decided that we may not take the kids to a nice dinner again for at least a couple of years. At one point there was a moment where all 4 were crying. Luckily, they were all tired enough that Stephen got his present of a Hill Family 2 hour long nap. The evening was rounded out with Jonny and Amber coming over for dinner.

It was a good first weekend, but I hope that next weekend it a bit more relaxed.


Allison said...

I am soooo glad that your father in law is out of the hospital. I am sure it is frustrating that they can't find the problem, but what a relief that he is well enough to be released!

I love Cheesecake Factory, too, but we rarely go with kids.

Hoping the settling in is going well. Still can't wait to meet up with you guys sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it but I am sure that we would have only added more chaos!

Julie From Inmates said...

I found your blog over at Allison's place and decided to pay a visit. I too have two boys who LOVE the Wii. Your blog design is beautiful. Enjoyed my visit! Wanted to say hi!! Julie