Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Weekend Review

I just can't seem to keep up on the weekends with posting, so here is the Sunday night review.

Once Dad was home Friday night we headed to Chick-Fil-A for an early dinner. Cavett then had a soccer clinic at the neighborhood across the interstate. Cavett had a good time and learned a few new moves, but I think Kendrick enjoyed it more running around the huge open field.

Saturday morning was soccer game and then playing at the park. The afternoon was relaxed and I played around with what Stephen had taught me about Photoshop the night previous. That evening we headed to Anna and Mark's house for some homemade pizza. Brenda thought it a good idea to have an early Halloween "party" for the kids and she made a yummy pumpkin trifle and read a few "spooky" stories to them. Cavett has decided to be an "army man" complete with a marshmallow shooting gun.

Sunday morning was the usual church ritual and afternoon naps. Kendrick is dropping his morning naps lately, so the afternoon nap has become longer. It's just tough to get him to wait until we get home from where ever we are or until Cavett goes down. Speaking of which Cavett maybe dropping his nap anyway.

This evening we strolled to "the brown park." The weather was absolutely delightful. While we were there the ice cream truck came singing by. Cavett didn't ask for any, but did give us quite a dance. Unfortunately, we didn't get the best part recorded. For dinner it was sandwiches all around. Kendrick had his first PB & J!!!! This is HUGE!!!! He has a new food with some protien and it's an "on-the-go" type! I am pumped about this. Notice pb all over face and j on shirt.

Over all it was a good weekend and we are ready for a short work week. Stephen has Friday off, so we will head to S'port to see family and for some Revel-ing!!!!

Sorry it's sideways.


Candace Chaney said...

I LOVE the picture of the boys in the swings. PRECIOUS!

I'm so sad I'm going to miss ya'll. I honestly had no idea ya'll were even coming to Shreveport until a couple of days ago when Mom was talking about it and I corrected her that it would be until the week of AG's birthday. Maybe it's just my unorganized, absentminded self, but I really don't think anyone told me you were coming.

In any case, yes, we will have to meet up for some fun before we leave.

Love you!

Susan said...

Looks like a great weekend.
I love that picture of the boys in the swing.

mommaof4wife2r said...

seriously super fun weekend! i can't keep up either! and ur kiddos are simply precious little blondes!!!

Sharon said...

What adorable kids! Tag! You have been tagged. Check out my blog for the rules. Good luck.