Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shreveport=Good Food & Family

On Thursday we headed out of town to Shreveport in our new car. This was to be the first voyage, so we were anxious to see what kind of highway gas mileage we could get. We encountered some stop and go traffic downtown, but other than that the trip was fine. I drove carefully, never above 68. We ended up getting about 45 mpg. Fantastic! As the weekend went gas prices just kept dropping from $3.89 to $3.45 for diesel.

Friday morning we spent playing with the Chaneys and celebrating Candace's birthday. Unfortunately, they were heading to Hot Springs at lunch so that was the last we would see our cousins this weekend. After they left we called Uncle Jonny and he met us at Centenary where we watched the choir for a few minutes before heading to the "chips and dip" place, Superior.

After Nana got home we headed to the Red River Revel, an arts festival in downtown Shreveport. Other than the physical set up, it really hadn't changed since I was a kid. We watched a very funny German street performer, got Cavett's face painted, Cavett made a necklace and dug in sand. Kendrick enjoyed listening to a band and having Nana and me chase him. We ate Nachitoches Meat Pies, Turkey Legs, Corn Dogs and Funnel Cakes. The lone purchase was made by Cavett. He got a hand crafted wooden rubberband gun.

Saturday morning we relaxed and the kids pretended to cook and eat until Nana got back from her Fall festival at school and we went out to see Gran and Grampaw briefly. Kendrick wasn't feeling well, so he didn't go inside. Lunch was at Monjuni's where Cavett and I split spaghetti and meatballs.

I know this sounds like a weird post for people who don't know Shreveport. But, for those who have ever been to or lived there, it's all about the food. There are so many incredible Mom and Pop restaurants that have been there for at least 30 years. I posted on Facebook for my status that "Jennifer is feeling fat after eating at Superior, the Revel and Monjuni's." I had at least 4-5 people comment on how they were jealous and why didn't I hit the Sweep the Kitchen Pizza at Johnny's, A Humphrey Yougurt at Counter Culture, a Shrimp buster at Herby K's, a glazed doughnut at Southern Maid, and strawberry pie at Strawn's. Lucky for me, we get to go back in about 10 days for my niece's and grandmother's birthday party.

So, until then Shreveport, I'll be saving my calories.


Candace Chaney said...

How fun! So sad we missed it all.

And it really is amazing all the good food we have in town when I think about it. Your post made me hungry!:)

Can't wait to see you again in a couple of weeks and PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!

KK said...

Looks like a dern good time.

davis family said...

What fun! I am rather jealous of all that eating. You hit our two favorites, 'Junis and Superior. Whenever we are there we also have to stop for a Humphrey and eat at Strawns. We have never visited that we don't go to at least those four places. Maybe its the food that makes us love Shreveport so much. Its probably a good thing it didn't work out for us to move there, I would be a gastic bypass surgery candidate by now!