Saturday, October 25, 2008

Being a Single Mom

Being a single Mom really stinks. I am so thankful and appreciative of Stephen. He is so helpful and truly cares about his children and me. I am blessed to have him as a husband. We all really miss him when he is gone, but we know it is for the good of all. That being said, we had a great time in Shreveport, but it was really hard. I'm not going to lie and make it sound all rosey.

The trip up wasn't too bad, but after lunch at Chick-Fil-A in Lufkin, Kendrick never fell asleep for his afternoon nap and fussed the last 2 hours. When we arrived I put him straight to bed and he napped until 5. That evening we had dinner at Taco Mania and I had an enjoyable evening catching up with Nana.

Wednesday was Anna Grace and Memaw's birthday. So, while Nana was at work we waited for Anna Grace to come home early from school. We packed up a lunch and headed to the park with Anna Grace's new bike and a scooter for Cavett. Candace really captured some cute pics, so check out her blog too.

That evening we had a babysitter stay with the 2 little boys at Candace's house while we celebrated birthdays at Monjuni's. We did all the regular birthday things for the girls including gifts and cake. Memaw received an opal ring that she just adores and Anna Grace received several Fancy Nancy or princess items.

Thursday Candace and I took the kids to the Boardwalk in Bossier and did a little shopping. The kids got to ride the carousel and play in the pumpkin patch. Again, catch Candace's blog. We grabbed lunch at Fuddrucker's and then back to the house for nap time. Unfortunately, when we got home Cavett didn't get his pants pulled down in time and we had the first of a series of accidents. Poor thing, it even made it to his shoes. Naps were had and I did wash and changed sheets, since we would all be sleeping upstairs the next evening. Nana had some friends coming in.

Thursday evening Candace cooked Spaghetti Squash Ratatouille for all. Yummy and very good for you! After baths, I put Cavett in Nana's bed to start and Kendrick in the crib. All the siblings headed over to Jonny's to watch the Auburn game. I really don't have any interest in the game, but it was good to be with my brother and sisters.

When I came back home, I decided to pick up Cavett and take him into Kendrick's room with me. I didn't want him waking up early when Nana goes to work. Unfortunately, Kendrick woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep. He just kept screaming and I didn't want to keep everyone in the house awake, so Kendrick slept in the bed with Cavett and me. Mind you this is a double bed. It wasn't very restful. Long about 3 am, I was awoken by the smell of pee. Cavett had another accident, but didn't even wake up to realize it. That is how tired he was. We stripped him and I sent him to Nana's bed. However, it was too wet for Kendrick and me as well, so all 4 of us were in Nana's bed for a bit. Kendrick thought it was play time and wouldn't go back to sleep, so I had to let him cry in his crib.

We slept until 7:30 am Friday morning. The kids watched tv while I showered. We headed to Gran's to visit for a bit and then to Jumping Jupiter. Why hadn't I know about this place? We could have definitely spent Wednesday morning there. We had a fabulous time and I dare say it was the highlight of the trip. We finally got some time in with Aunt Karen and William. Time was too short as we were meeting Jonny and Amber for an early lunch at Superior. I ordered Cavett quesadillas and he didn't touch them. Not a bite and they changed me for an adult order and added unwanted rice and charged me for that too! I wasn't pleased.

Of course, nap time came and I packed the car. Kendrick only slept about 45 minutes, so I wasn't able to sleep either. I went up to get him and we laid down together and he fussed. He was still tired and didn't want to get up but also wasn't confortable. We rolled around on the bed for about an hour until I couldn't take it any more. Nana's house guests were also napping, so I did the best I could do to keep him quiet downstairs.

Cavett woke up and again had another accident not getting his pants down. Of course, all the suitcases were packed tightly in the trunk. I melted. Good thing Nana made it home. She cooked the boys french toast and I recovered. I was just done. I was literally tired, and tired of accidents, tired of trying to get kids to eat and worrying about getting a rounded meal. Tired of the chaos, tired of not being in my own home, tired of the struggles and juggling children by myself. It's just harder when you're not at home. (Ok, and I'm also PMS-ing).

We got in the car and after stopping at Counter Culture for a Humphrey Yogart for me, we headed back to Sugar Land. Kendrick cried and slept off and on. Cavett watched two movies and then we listened to classical music. Surprisingly, I wasn't terribly sleepy. But, I did stop for a latte in Lufkin. I cried the last hour of the trip. I was sad that it didn't go as well as I had hoped and that I wasn't able to spend more time with Mom. I was sad that my Dad isn't here to play with and get to know my boys. It's just a tough time of year. As much as I love the weather, fall is a tough season.


Candace Chaney said...

I love you and had a great time with you! Sorry it was kind of a rough time. But it did my heart good to get to play with you and the boys.
We'll have to make a trip to Houston soon. Love you!

Jack said...

ps- i want more jumpin jupiter pics. let me know when you update your photo album!