Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Lesson of the Day

Yesterday brought us pumpkins. We left for church a bit early stopping off at Pei Wei for dinner and we were able to finish up just before the last light of the day. Our church has a pumpkin patch on the front lawn and we were hoping to catch a few pics. Cavett wore his new "War Eagle" shirt just for his aunts and uncles and Kendrick wore his Halloween smocked outfit given to us by William, via his cousin. Unfortunately, Kendrick was not too keen of the big round orange things and several of our shots were either blurry, too golden, or cars zooming past in the background. We'll have to try again, but here are a few good ones.

Today we had a math lesson at lunch. Grapes were the manipulative. Cavett had 10 grapes. They were lined up 2 by 2. We talked about sets/groups and we counted the groups. We counted how many were in the sets and talked about "times"--"it looks like an X." We also described it as 5 by 2, pulling our finger along the sides. I gave him the answer and then we counted all the grapes to see if we were right. He ate 2 and we did it again and a third time, when he decided it was time to switch to subtraction. I think that is his favorite--"take aways." I'm really glad he likes to learn and watching it is so fun.

This past week I have had 2 meetings with different people in Houston ISD. The red tape, buracracy, waste of time and quality just makes me want to home school. I know I could teach them the same things in half the time and possibly do a better job. We'd have so much more time to travel and do fun, ok, educational stuff. The world should be the classroom. However, I know how big the social aspect of actually going to school is. I know there are ways around it with home-schooled kids, but you can't replace the exact same social experience. I also don't know if I could be discplined myself and would go crazy? Thoughts to ponder for at least another year or so. What are your thoughts on home schooling?


Falcone Family said...

What great smiles from Cavett and Kendrick! loved them! they should be poster boys for welcoming Fall!

On the school thing, it's funny that just today, I brought up the public vs private school thing to my colleagues during lunch since half of us attended public as kids and others private. In the end, I was left with my same conclusion, not one size fits all.

But, I will say this, you may agree with me depending what your professioanl experience has been like in the public school system in the past, there are phenomenal teachers in those systems, as there are in private or even homeschooling. With public schools, depending on the geographic area (taxes, taxes, taxes), parents play a big hand in this. For example, where I teach my at-risk kids, I would so trust the teachers with Bela...not necessarily the whole class environment...and not mostly not the teachers fault (neglectful parents!). That's why I won't go back into the you said, plenty of red tape that goes along with it.

Sorry, you really got me on this one :-(

But I do get you. I have contemplated homeschooling, too. But, for now, I believe I can't function in that capacity. So, I can not help you with the homeschooling idea.

Jack said...

LOVE that first picture of Cavett. I think that may be my all time favorite Cavett pic!

I think homeschooling would be fabulous, but I personally could NEVER pull it off. I would lose my mind. And I think AG and I might butt heads a little too much.

But if anyone could do it, you could. More power to ya!!!! :)

davis family said...

Those are great pictures of the boys! I so miss putting Walker in those smocked outfits, they are just so sweet.
On the homeschooling topic, it is something we discuss around here all of the time. Actually the conversation is public vs. private vs. homeschooling. Our conclusion everytime is that it will just depend on the child. That being said, our tentative plan is to start out with kindergarten here in Lantana and see how it goes. The schools in our neighborhood have great ratings and the parents are super involved, so hopefully it will be a good experience. However, we are in Denton ISD which doesn't have the greatest of reputations, so I just don't know. There are some incredible private schools in the area, but the tuition is outrageous - like college tuition kind of outrageous. If we must though, that is a sacrifice we will make. I haven't met any homeschoolers out here, and I would have to know there was a good group before I could consider it because I know the kids would need the interaction with others, as would I. I really don't know if I have the patience or discipline to do it. I think you would do a great job homeschooling. In fact if you decide to, let us know. We might want to see if you want to make it a bording school and we'll send Walker! ha ha

Susan said...

I think the pumpkin pictures turned out great. I can't wait to get to the pumpkin patch with my kids.
As far as homeschooling, there are so many factors to consider. First you have to consider the child's personality. Some kids just need someone other than a parent to teach them others would highly benefit from the one on one attention. Then there are the social factors, which like you said can't be duplicated outside of a classroom setting. That can be good and bad! Having taught elementary school for nine years, I am certainly qualified to homeschool my kids, but I am not leaning in that direction. So much fantastic learning occurs through group work and projects, especially in the early years. When I was in the classroom there were times when a student just couldn't comprehend what I was explaining, but as soon as one of their peers explained it, the lightbulb went off. Kids learn a lot from the ideas and perspectives of other kids and that also can't be duplicated. That being said, if we lived in an area with less than great schools or one of my children had a learning problem that I didn't think was being addressed appropriately, I wouldn't hesitate to homeschool them.
In the end, I think it is a complex decision with many, many factors to consider. I am sure you will come to the right conclusion when it comes to Cavett and Kendrick.