Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I know. I am way behind. I have fallen so far behind that it's almost daunting to go back and fill it all in. I have been swamped with a "Math and Music" presentation that I am doing for the Professional Development portion of the grant that I am working with Houston ISD on. It has been taking up every free moment. Also, Stephen and I both worked last Saturday, so it wasn't that eventful.

However, Friday Cavett did have his fall festival at his school. We had pizza and hot dogs, played all sorts of games and enjoyed the blow up bounce houses. It was a good time as it is every year and I thank God that I don't have to fund raise for the school. Between their fall festival, Scholastic book sales and the parent's only Auction and Dinner at the Country Club, they seem to be able to fill in the money blanks. I don't just hate fund raising; I abhore it! I guess it is because I hated selling it myself as a kid. All that to say, I don't mind paying 50 cents a ticket for Cavett to toss a hula hoop over a jack-o-lantern or find a trinket in a bale of hay.

Yesterday we drove to Shreveport. Stephen is in Vegas again to teach. Today we will be celebrating Anna Grace's and my grandmother's (on my Dad's side) birthdays. More to come tonight.....

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comment on my "fundraiser" blog..i agree!