Sunday, October 5, 2008


I was tagged by Susan at Fordy Days and Nights to tell you seven quirky, weird or random things about myself. I'm really thinking hard about this and it is a little difficult. I'm thinking that it would be easier if someone who knew me well told me the facts. So I asked Stephen. He came up with only one. No much help. I'm now down to one more and I have racked my brain long enough. I guess the last one will just have to be empty.
1. I have a cookie cutter fetish. I can't get enough of them. I love all the shapes and have at least 2 cutters for each holiday and for most many more. Then I have random ones like-a tooth, the shape of Texas, and strange animals like penguins and elephants.
2. I'm weird about folding towels. They must be folded just like my Mom, who folded her's just like her Mom and her Mom's mom. First folded in half short-wise, then in thirds and then half again. Then I like for the folded part to show on the shelf. It doesn't always happen that way though.
3. I really hate talking on the phone. Ok, maybe I'm just not good at it. If I can't see someone's face I get very distracted. Also, having little ones around makes it more difficult as well.
4. When I eat, especially at a fast food restaurant I must eat my sandwich first and then my french fries. That's how it was when I was little and so it remains with me and my kids.
5. I am afraid of death by drowning (asphyxiation). I love to play in the water and be on top of it, but I can't stand being underwater. I don't even like to swim underwater in my own pool. I can't scuba dive and I only snorkel when Stephen is close by and I float on top.
6. I have NEVER dyed my hair. I know, hard for you to believe those of you who don't know me. But this is 100% natural.
I'm tagging....
I'm sure one of you above can come up with my number 7. Ooops, looks like I'm missing my 7th person again. Sorry. I'm destined for 6 today.


Falcone Family said...

I can think of many, many good facts about you, but my personal favorite thing about you...

I LOVE your hugs. When you hug, I can feel the genuine love, fondness, joy, admiration, speak volumes to me when you hug me. You make me feel amazing with every embrace. No one hugs like you do. I bet you didn't know that about yourself?

Candace Chaney said...

The messy teethbrushing of the Dent girls comes to mind. And it's pretty funny, too, that we all do it. Toothpaste running down the edges of the mouth, loud scrubbing, and the foaming at the mouth. I think we had a conversation about it a long time ago. It's fun, too, because it's not typically of my otherwise picture perfect sister. :)

So there's another JDH idiosyncrasie for ya...

Love you!

Susan said...

Great list! It was really hard for me to come up with seven too. I asked Mark and he said, "If you had asked me before we got married I could have given you a whole list, but now everything about you just seems normal." He was no help at all!
I fold my towels just like my mom too. All the years of doing it exactly like she wanted is permanently burned in my brain. Thanks Mom!