Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a Day!

This morning found us awake at 4:30 am. We headed to Whataburger for a bite and then off to the airport. Unfortunately, we seemed to be running behind "my" schedule and I was hurrying Stephen to the point of speeding. Unfortunately, a cop found us out and pulled us over on the beltway. Just when we thought he would for sure give us a ticket, he gave Stephen a warning. Maybe it was because we were in the "ghetto" car.

We made it to the gate just in time for perfect boarding. The flight was without a hitch as was getting to the hotel by town car. We stopped off at a grocery store for some breakfast/snack items and water. After checking in to the Dolphin, we went to our room. All I can say is--GI--ENORMOUS!!!!!!!! We weren't able to get a King and a pull-out, but this room is way better. It is a room and a half or maybe 2 rooms almost--2 beds, then a big kitchen like round table, a desk, a couch, 2 sitting chairs, a wet bar and a flat screen. The bathroom has two separate sink areas and two separate, huge closets. Not only that, but we can see Cinderella's Castle in the distance! I highly recommend this room.

After lunch at The Fountain, a soda shop grease pit at the hotel, we headed to Animal Kingdom. Immediately we hit "It's a Bugs Life" inside the Tree of Life. There was about a 10 minute wait and then we walked right to our seats. This is a 3D show with lots of sensory experiences. (Bugs blow wind toward you, fly at you, spew "acid" at you, and a stink bug "stinks" you.) After 5 minutes, Cavett was done and we left early. It was the first and worst experience of the day.

Cavett recovered as we headed toward Africa with an eye toward the safari. I don't know what the deal was today, but we only waited for one other Safari "Jeep" to head our way--max wait time 5 minutes. We saw all kinds of animals in their natural habitats seeming to roam free. At bedtime, that is what Cavett said was the most awesome thing of the day.

Next, we headed toward where we would wait for the parade. It was funny to follow the parade route where people were waiting. Cavett waved to everyone as if he were in the parade. I had scoped the "books" and they all said hit the parade 20 minutes after they start, back at where they end. It was the perfect place and we had lots of character attention.

Lion King was next. Again, we waited a mere 10 minutes! It was ok, just an amalgamation of the on stage musical. Nothing truly specatular, although the monkey gymnastics were fun to watch. Afterwards, we went to Nemo, the musical. SPECTACULAR!!!! It was like a miniature Broadway musical. Maybe it hit home, just becuase this musical/movie seems to be from a parent perspective, but it really was great. The puppetry was similar to Lion King and the songs were good.

As we left Nemo, we were hoping to hit the Kali River Rapids, but it was raining with lightning and thunder, so we decided on dinner at Yak and Yeti instead. Since we had a huge lunch, we opted to split Beef and Broccoli and Pork Pot Stickers 3 ways. Again, great food. We had an enjoyable ride home and had some ice cream at the hotel.

Cavett hit the pillow at 9:00 pm and never thought twice about putting up a fight. In fact, I have been on the computer for an hour and he hasn't even moved. Hopefully, our day at Magic Kingdom will be just as "magical!"


Kate said...

what a great day! I'm jealous I do have to say! wish I could be at Disney! Ya'll enjoy the rest of your trip!

Susan said...

Looks like a wonderful day! Hope tomorrow is just as magical.

Falcone Family said...

What a fun-packed day! Please tell us more!!!

Marmarbug said...

YOu all sound like you are having SO much fun. I want to come!!!!