Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Silly Town

My neighbor, Nichole, has been looking for a place to do her son's 2 year old birthday party. It's a hard age to find stuff for--they aren't babies anymore, yet they are still too young to do bigger kid stuff.

She just found a place called Silly Town last week. It's in Rosenberg, TX which is just down the road from us. I checked it out online and it looked like fun. $7 per child that is walking for all you can play 9:30-1:00. It's set up with different rooms labeled as "Market," "School," Speedway," "Music," etc. Each divided part of the room has corresponding toys. There is a ball pit, many scooting tricycles and cars, dress up clothes and a stage. There was also a place that is penned off for under 2. It was a dream come true to let Kendrick go to town!

However, the only down fall to the morning was that there was a group from a daycare visiting. I say daycare, but I am really unsure as the age of the kids was 5-9. They were really riping up the place and their knees looked quite silly all balled up on the little toy cars. For the most part, they were fine and didn't bother our kids too much, but it was just extra noisy and I'm sure Cavett would have enjoyed it more, had he been able to explore more. The owner/manager did give us a free coupon to come back and said it usually wasn't like this.

My question is, "why let kids this age come without parents?" I can understand if a child this age comes with a parent and a smaller sibling, but if I were the owner, I wouldn't let groups like that in at all. That is what their daycare is for. In fact, the place looked like it could have been a cool daycare spot. If it were me, I would try to cater to the stay-at-home Moms who need a change of scenery and their kids need a change of toys and a place to come play with friends. Just my opinion.

Cavett still had fun regardless and kept calling it different names--Busy Town, Funny Town. I think he finally has it right now. We will go back, but may wait until school starts again to avoid the "crowds."


Marmarbug said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!
I agree that places like that should remain for SAHM. DAycare groups can always go to a muesuem or what not. Those places are not meant for large groups like that.
It does sond cool though.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh looks like they had some fun

COURTNEY said...

I have this same thought regarding the baby pool at larger swimming pools. I can understand an older sibling getting in to help out a younger child, but nothing irks me more than watching my child get splashed and pushed around because of an errant ten-year-old who doesn't feel like swimming with the big kids.

Hope said...

Hey guys,

I am the new partner/owner of SillyTown.

We have made alot of changes.
Including extended hours (10-6:30 mon-friday) and we're also open on saturdays to help support the "weekend custody" or "grandma's day".

We gear more towards stay at home moms/dads and babysitters/nannies who as you suggested "needed a change of scenery". :-)

I just thought you would be happy to know.

We are also in support of alot of "mom's groups" in Fort Bend county and as far a Spring and Lake Jackson.

We also added in some couches to let you relax as well as a cappucino machine. (yummy!)

Please stop by and see us soon!


P.S. Mention this blog and get 10% off one child's next visit!!!