Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th

Today was a mild celebration of the 4th of July compared to our years at the farm--riding in tractor parades, blaring patriotic music out of the biggest speakers you have ever seen, wearing Staue of Liberty costumes, etc. Instead, we just had a simple grilling of meat and vegetables, Karen and I tried to play a couple of ditties on the piano, Cavett decorated cupcakes and we sang God Bless America (see KK's blog).

We rounded out the afternoon with a good visit on the back porch while some napped. Afterwards, we were able to get a visit with Gran and Granpaw in. To top it off we went to "the chips and dip place" (Superior) for dinner. I know it isn't very American, but it wasn't crowded and we have to get our fix every trip.
Cavett did learn a bit about America the past couple of days and he enjoyed counting the flags with Nana as we drove about town. Every time he sees one now, he says "God Bless America" with his hand over his heart. That's what the day is about anyway.

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Falcone Family said...

ok, new playdate idea!! let's bake cupcakes together ! Look slike Cavett can teach us a thing or two!