Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Cuddle and a Thumb Smashing

For the past two nights Cavett and I have shared a King size bed at Grandmama's house. While it was fun to sleep with him, it was a little difficult. You see he is a cuddler in bed. You would think that would be great, but it is to the extent that he can't sleep and as a result you can't sleep. At one point around 1:00 am, he sat up and started feeling my face because I had rolled over away from him. I asked him if he was ok and his response was, "Yea, I just want to hug you." So sweet.

As I layed there with him with our arms around each other, I remembered laying next to Dadoo on the couch or on the bed. I remembered most of all his breathing. I wanted my breath to be insync with his breath. But, I remembered thinking that I couldn't hold my breath that long. Again, I wanted my breath to be insync with Cavett's, but this time I couldn't breathe that fast and it not feel funny. Oh well, it was still good to have my little boy in my arms and remember my father and how much he would have loved to be in my place with his grandson.

Today as we were leaving Grandmama's, Cavett smashed his thumb in the sliding glass door. Immediately tears fell and his thumb turned all shades of green, blue and purple. We managed with some ice, a bandage (for looks) and kisses until we got home. (He also got to hear about Dadoo losing half of his thumb when he was little!) When he got in the tub, he asked if he could "wash the purple off!" Dad decided that the pressure needed to be relieved and got a safety pin and tried to burn a hole into the nail. After three times and immense pain and agony, we prayed for God to give Cavett strength and to let the nail be pierced. It worked. Stephen got the hole poked and immediately Cavett felt better. Hopefully he won't loose the nail. Isn't God good?

Picture was taken after hole was pricked.


Susan said...

Oh my! That was probably really hard to watch. Glad it worked and God relieved his pain.

Falcone Family said...

Yes, I get it Jennifer! That is why I have no problem falling asleep with isabela on her bed or mine. There is something magnificent about breathing against your child...mouth to mouth, chest to chest, cheek to cheek, it is just a beautiful miracle. Oh, yes, after a long night, it hurts your body, too! It's been my worst pain for the past almost 4 yrs.