Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flying with kids in tow

Today we (both little ones and I) flew to New Orleans to stay with my sister, Karen and her family until Friday. Stephen has, of course gone to Las Vegas for the week. I was a bit nervous about the prospect, but more afraid of getting cabin fever by staying home. I must say though, it went well and it is good to see my sister and how much William has grown in just a month!

We arrived at the parking lot in plenty of time. The bus driver was helpful at attending to our luggage and car seats and stroller and backpacks. Upon arriving at the airport, Cavett was extremely helpful in wearing his backpack and pulling his own suitcase. However, it was quite a scary senario when his suitcase was placed on the conveyor belt and not seen again until we got to baggage claim. Throughout the entire trip it was, "where is my suitcase, mommy?"

After passing through security, we made three passes on the people mover. Quite a fun activity for a 3 year old. Once we arrived at the gate Kendrick fell asleep and Cavett watched a movie. The flight was on time, even early. Both kids were happy and enjoyed our time in the air. The best part was take off. Cavett wanted to pat and say "blast off" just like they do in Little Einsteins. The look on his face when we finally got in the air was priceless. Even though he has been on a plane at least 4 times, this was the first time he really knew what was going on.

Upon a safe landing, we found the suitcases that were "missing" and found KK too. The majority of the rest of the afternoon was spent on a trampoline and swingset in a neighbors backyard. And to listen to Cavett's prayers tonight, I think that spending time with KK in the back yard was the best part. And you know, I think he has it right. Relationships far out-weigh events and experiences. Thanks for the reminder, son.

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Amber said...

I love love love him in those little hats! Too Cute! Hope y'all have fun this weekend! Tell William Happy Birthday for me.