Tuesday, April 29, 2008

8 Months

Kendrick is now 8 months old. He is really crawling around well now and today at the park he nearly had a stand without pulling up on anything, just like Cavett did at this age. He is eating fruits very well. He is opinionated. Not too fond of green vegetables, as he likes to spray them all over Mommy. However, I just introduced beans today--garbanzo and black, so we'll see how that goes over. He is also really sleeping through the night now. 7 pm-about 6 am. I can handle that. Naps are getting better and longer, especially when we are at home.

He'll have his first professional pictures taken this Thursday. Hopefully we can capture a few more great smiles from this sweet boy.

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Falcone Family said...

I believe he will be talkign soon! I was amazed by how he barly held on to me and stood up when we had our picnic. He will be chasing Cavett in no time! How adorable that will be!