Friday, April 18, 2008

Expelled - An inspirational disappointment

Today is my day off. It's great to think of it that way, but Jennifer never has a day off.... hmmmm. Well that is a blog for another day. Today after working out and helping with the morning routine of getting kids ready and Cavett to school, we went to the movies. We saw Ben Stein's flick, Expelled. It was a very good movie! From my title you might ask then why was it disappointing... Well, I wanted more "ammunition" to begin discussions.

I've been toying with this idea lately that the reason Christianity is not spreading is because we are timid in sharing with others.... duh, no surprise there. But we why are we timid. I think it is because we don't have enough knowledge to support our beliefs when we are truly challenged with some hard questions. Like, how can the Earth be millions of years old like I was taught in school, but it doesn't seem like it when reading the Bible? or What happened to the dinosaurs? Oh, I think we can discuss our faith, but it sure would be nice if there were more support. That's where the movie steps in. It was great in exposing the supression of scientists who believe in Intellegent Design, but it didn't pose any of the questions or problems with evolution or the proofs of creation. There was no support or facts.

This is about the society's suppression of scientists and science that supports Intellegent Design. There is truly a wall that blocks the spread of knowledge and won't even allow questions to be asked. Well through a little chain of people (Jennifer, Candace, Jack, John Harrigan) I've also found some great work by Walt Brown in the Science of Creation. As Scientists, they will never prove creation, as there is a need for faith. I mean really, how can we apply our earthly science to the One who created the world itself!!! Scientists will always struggle with this, because if something is true, then it needs to be provable. It's basically comes to a point if you believe in Creation that we say... "I don't know, but God does". Walt Brown does have some very valid theories about our earth's past that directly support what our Christian education taught us. There is volumes of information there. I encourage you to read and learn. Ask questions and seek the answers.

So, I'm inspired by the movie, inspired to seek more knowledge.


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Falcone Family said...

Stephen, thanks for the encouragement to seek, ask and talk, among us. I just may check out that book....(as soon as I find that time!) Good blog.