Saturday, April 26, 2008

Centenary Crawfish Boil

Today after Stephen got off work we headed to Keith and Ami Considine's house for the annual Centenary College Houston Alumni Chapter Crawfish Boil. Every year it seems the weather is terrible the night before, but clears up miraculously by the afternoon. We had good fun seeing old friends and making new ones. Cavett loved hanging out with Quinn and Dominic Considine. He really didn't want to leave.

On the way home, we talked to Cavett about what the party was for and told him about how Mommy and Daddy both went to Centenary and KK, and Jonny, and Nana and Gran, etc. Afterwards, my heart leapt when he said that he wanted to go to Centenary too. I know it really means nothing and I will not pressure either one of my boys to follow in our footsteps, but wouldn't it sure be fun. Cavett would be there during the 200th year of Centenary. He would be in the class of '27 and Kendrick would be either '29 or '30, depending on when we start him in school. We will see where the road leads. Can I lock-in and start paying tuition now????


Anonymous said...

Go Catahoulas???

Falcone Family said...

Isn't it cool when your kid wants to be like you?!?! I don't blame him :-)