Monday, January 31, 2011

6 Year Old Perks

As a 6 year old in the Hill family, you are awarded one perk for the year and only that year.  You get to climb up the laundry shoot at Grandmama's house in Grand Saline.  Even though Cavett had been running fever the previous day, he was dead set on going to Grand Saline on Saturday to do just that.  It was THE first thing he did as soon as we got out of the car. 

It's a big laundry shoot.  Fairly wide.  In fact, I think I could have stood in the middle of it and not felt too claustrophobic.  The unfortunate part was that Cavett was still a bit small for it.  Dad gave him a little help with one foot pushing him up, but he still wasn't quite able to make it.  He'll be able to try again about Spring Break, and maybe he'll have grown a bit by then.  

The biggest foul of the weekend was that diesel  was accidentally poured into the Pug.  Stephen suspected it, but didn't realize it until after it was loaded down with 2 cords of wood we had just split it the woods.  Stphen used the tractor to puch it out backwards until we got to the pasture.  Stephen also saved the day and siphoned it out.  He only got a little in his mouth........  :P

We also had many enjoyable moments in the big Catalpa tree reading.  Kendrick sat for at least 20 minutes reading whereas Cavett spent about an hour and a half total during the weekend up there reading. 

Precious times.  

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Candace said...

Seriously. Why have I not been invited to this wonderland??? :)

I wanna go!!!!