Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day #2

This morning Kendrick came running into my bathroom screaming "There's more snow outside!" Well, maybe not more snow, but it didn't melt last night and it actually only melted off the roads today by about 11. As a result, Cavett's school had a delayed starting and he went about 10 instead of 8. We enjoyed a leisurely morning and then braved the roads. Kendrick and I drove around a little bit--to Dad's office and back just to see the beauty.

After picking up Cavett from school we decided to try again at making a snowman. We had seen several others in yards, so it must be possible somehow. It still didn't roll up and pack like last year, so we ended up mounding it and made a midget snowman using a piece of celery of a nose and some toys for the eyes. He was still cute and just enough.

The kids finished it off with snow angels and making tracks all over the front yard and then we said good-bye.  For it won't be there tomorrow afternoon. 

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Candace said...

Cute little snow dude!