Monday, January 24, 2011

Well Celebrated

This weekend was all about Cavett.  His birth and years passed were celebrated to the greatest height, even if there were some camera snafoos.

We were blessed to have Nana with us the whole weekend!  That was a treat in itself.  And Stephen's mom was able to join us for the party too!  Saturday morning we had the traditional pancake breakfast on the birthday plate, but the new camera card that we had just bought wouldn't hold but one picture.  When we took it back to the store to exchange it, we realized we hadn't downloaded the one picture, so thus, no picture.

Afterwards, Nana went with Cavett and me to watch him have his Karate lesson and get his birthday spankings.

The day continued with a birthday party at ASI gymnastics with several of his school friends, a couple of church friends and a couple of family friends.

 I think he really had a blast!  The favors were many different types of gum.  It's been our standing rule that you can't have gum until you are 6 at house.  (Just because I don't want to clean it off carpets and hair, and such...)

That evening we went to dinner at Cavett's choice of restaurants which was Chuy's.  Jonny and Amber joined us to celebrate Jonny's birthday as well-Jan.26th. 

That evening all the Dents enjoyed playing Cavett's game, Bananagrams, from Nana for about 2 hours after he went to bed!  It's a kind of Scrabble played without a board making up your own crosswords, but competing against other players in speed.

Sunday was "clean up and put away day" after church and part of his present form Mom and Dad was to be able to organize his Legos.  Dad installed shelves in his room and it is actually beginning to feel like a real boys room.  I have also promised that we would paint in the next couple of weeks so that we all don't have to look at the "9" that Kendrick wrote on his wall with sharpie last year. 

So, I think he enjoyed his weekend and totally didn't want to go to school today.  Who could blame him with all the cool stuff he got? 


Allison said...

What a fun weekend!

Candace said...

And what a cake!!!!