Sunday, January 2, 2011

Off with the Old

After lounging around the house all day yesterday, we decided to pack up all the bikes and scooters and take them to school to the basketball courts to ride around.  Flat surfaces clear of cars are way better than our sloped driveway leading to an intersection.  

With a bit of sadness, the training wheels came off of Cavett's bike.

He didn't really want to give them up, but the goal was to be without by the time he was 6.    that time is quickly approaching.  Even though he was apprehensive, he did it with ease on the first try.  We just need to strengthen his legs so he can pedal longer and faster to keep him from slowing down too much.

Kendrick had great fun on his bike and even wanted to get rid of his own training wheels on his own new bike. 

The best part was that the Alexanders were still here and we got to play around with them. Of course, Mark got in on the action and I got some great pictures of Walker and J.P.

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Candace said...

Way to go Cavett!!!