Monday, January 10, 2011

Surprising Snow

After last year's snow storm, I really expected to have absolutely no snow this year.  I wasn't getting my hopes up.  But, I was pleasantly surprised today when during church Stephen mouthed from the choir loft to me in the congregation that it was snowing!

We had awoken to rain.  A cold rain.  And the temperature was to drop from there.  With it already 36, I didn't hold up hope.  But, I was proved wrong.  We got to the car after church and had about an inch on the car.  It was pretty icy and full of sleet, but nonetheless, it was beautiful!

We ate lunch while continuing to watch it pour from the sky.  Gigantic flakes and they just kept getting bigger untill about 3, when they became much smaller.  After eating, we put on our coats, but not the full gear to just get a "taste" of the white stuff while waiting for enough to have some real fun.  Kendrick went full force into the snow with hands and feet.  He lasted maybe 3 minutes when he proclaimed he was done and frozen. 

We rested until about 4 and tried again.  There was probably 3-5 inches accumulated. We headed to the green space in our neighborhood with our inner tube and did a little sliding with our neighbor and fellow Kindergartener, Ross. 

It wasn't quite as much playing as we did last year and it didn't pack for a snowman, but it still reminds us of God's creative genius and beauty. 

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