Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Rearview

It's back--the Rearview. I haven't blogged this week, here it is in hind sight.

Monday was MLK, so the kids were home. As a result we got to have a much needed playdate with the Davis'. Adrianne suggested Going Bonkers. I asked Cavett and his response an emphatic, definitely. I asked it timidly, since he was just there with Amber on Saturday, but that didn't matter. He loves the place! It was a bit crazy with tons of kids there--much different from the other times we have played.

That evening as I was beginning to get dinner ready, I reached under the stove for a pan. Kendrick started screaming and pulling on the cabinet doors as I was shutting them. I couldn't figure out his deal or what he was saying, but I decided to just let him play in the pots and pans. he chose one pot, pulled up a stool and wanted to help me cook! He wanted a knife and wanted to chop and put the peppers in his pot. And of course if one son does something, the other son does too. We found two dull chees knives and they got busy. I can't wait for us to really cook as a family one day. Right now, I would be happy if only everyone would eat the same thing at one meal.

Tuesday was our regular gym/grocery shopping day. The kids were very well behaved in the store and received a treat--Icees! That afternoon we hit a new park in McKinney. It is similar to a favorite in Allen, but it didn't matter. Cavett made friends with every kid there and played pretend "Star Wars." Of course, Kendrick followed him every step of the way.

Wednesday--was a school day. I got BSF and a girl's lunch in before picking the kids up. That evening we headed to Creekwood UMC for our first class in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Class. It seems we have completed "Baby Step 3," but we haven't been able to puch beyond. Hopefully, this class will jump start us in going beyond and analyzing our budget better.

This afternoon was spectacular! From the weather to the time spent together, it was perfect. While Kendrick slept, the three of us worked in the yard pulling weeds and tidying up. Afterwards, Stephen and Cavett plopped down on the chaise lounge by the pool and took a breather. Oh, it made me anticpate the summer. It's going to be fantastic! In fact, as a lover of travel, I think I may even be able to stomach a complete summer with no major travel, if we can get the rest of the backyard finished. We turned on the hot tub and headed to our next destination after Kendrick woke up.

The past weekend in New Mexico really re-ignited the desire to get out in nature again. Stephen and I use to camp alot 10 years ago, but after moving to Houston, it was just too far to get to somewhere really beautiful. Our resolution for the spring is to take the kids camping and hiking. So, we began with going to our favorite, the Heard museum for a 1 1/2 mile hike on the Sycamore trail. As we hiked, we sang the "Zacheus" song and looked for sycamore trees. not too far into the trail there it was--the most beautiful sycamore I had ever seen. It was about 150 and had the most graceful, glowing white branches reaching up to heaven. Breath-taking. Unfortunately, the trail got flooded a little less than halfway. We still got in almost an hour of "exercise."

The hot tub was good and warm on return and the kids played while we took turns getting dinner ready. Speaking of, it was gobbled up as fast as possible and sleep was almost just as fast. I guess we wore them out.
I am really trying to cherish each of these long weekends this Spring, as Cavett will be starting Kindergarden in the fall and Stephen may expand his working hours. Sitting at the dinner table tonight was a perfect family moment. My boys are growing up and becoming more independent.


Candace Chaney said...

Fun stuff! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Allison said...

What a fun weekend.