Thursday, January 3, 2008

Stephen is.....

31 today. We were so blessed that there were no patients this afternoon and he was able to come home at 2:00! He spent the afternoon on the couch with Kendrick and then playing in the game room with Cavett. It's so good to see him playing with our kids. I think it was the best present he could ask for.

We had a steak dinner tonight followed by chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. Stephen and I will celebrate with an evening out next month when we go see "Jersey Boys." (Tickets were my present to him.)

Cavett was curious as to how old Dad was..."Are you 2 like me? 3 like Mommy?" Just watch the look of surprise when Stephen says he is 31. Priceless.


the Chaneys said...

Happy Birthday, bro!

KK said...

I love the way Cavett sings! It is so sweet. Happy Birthday!