Wednesday, January 23, 2008

3 Years Later...

Three years ago today I was in the hospital giving birth to our first born son, Cavett Christian. It was a magnificent day and one that truly changed our lives for the better. And, we are so grateful to God for giving us this precious and perfect child.
It is amazing to see how fast he has grown. It seems like just yesterday that he was spitting out mashed up green peas and climbing out of his crib. He just began really talking 15 months ago and now his vocabulary is expanding exponentially. He can hold a conversation with you and discuss things that really matter with thought. As any parent will say, my child is very smart (but, he really is!) and inquisitive. He is a puzzle worker and a book reader, but he also loves playing with cars and balls too. So far, he has been an easy child to raise, taking discipline well and although there are a few temper tantrums, they are manageable.

I pray that God continues to pour his blessings on Cavett and give us wisdom as parents in guiding him through the future. Happy Birthday, Cavett.

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the Chaneys said...

Happy Birthday Cavett!
We love you!