Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Today was a memorable day. Cavett enjoyed his first attempt at ice skating. He was a bit wobbly at first, but eventually got the balance part of it. For the most part he just held on tight to someone else who did the work for him. As Candace said, "it's like Bambi on ice." It didn't help that the smallest the skates came was a size 10 and he is an 8.

After some R&R at Nana's house we headed to our old stomping grounds, Noel United Methodist Church for the Candlelight service. Out of the 7 kids in the nursery 5 of them were Dent kids! This was quickly followed by Gumbo and Rice at the Chaney's house. To conclude the evening we had birthday cake and ice cream and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.

It was great for all 4 siblings and significant others to be able to sit around and visit like "old people" after most of the kids were asleep and the grand (and great-grand) parents were gone. Was this how it was when we were kids? Are we now the adults? No matter, it was a treat to have us all together in the same room on Christmas Eve. It was probably the best gift I could ask for.

May God bless you and yours this Christmas, and as Cavett said as he was walking out the door, "Merry Christmas everyone!"

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