Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Boys Night

Tonight was Dad's night at Cavett's school and Jennifer had Cantare rehearsal. So, is was me and my two boys. I took off to his school and we were having boy's night. It was more fun that expected and probably twice the work I thought it would be (and I thought it would be tough). I had Kendrick strapped in to the Baby Bjorn for most of the night and we got to experience Cavett's day.

First we went to his room for a little play time. We colored on paper with melted crayons. Then we headed off to music. It was fun, but after watching Jennifer at song play I would hope that the kids would have been more engaged. Nevertheless they all seemed to have fun. Next was gym. Boy can those kids "play!" First we chased the hoolaloops. Basically I rolled it and Cavett played "fetch." He was laughing the entire time. Then we played the "freeze" game. We ran when the music was on and "freezed" when the music stopped. Me with Kendrick on my chest bouncing along chasing Cavett. It was a blast! Lastly we returned to his room for more play time and read a few books.

My only real criticism is that his teacher said he loved to play dress up and pointed to the corner that had dresses and such. There were no real "manly" clothes. So we will be cleaning out my closet for a few shirts and ties and such. I'm not concerned, but I want to make sure his imigination is inspired :)

I look forward to many more boy's nights with my boys!

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