Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dress Up

This weekend was spent at Choir Retreat just about an hour northwest of Houston. It was quite an ordeal to pack up all the baby gear, toys, monitors, and suitcases for less than 48 hours. I'm not sure it would have been worth it, except for the fact that James Jordan was our clinician. For those of you not in the choral world, he ranks right up there with Robert Shaw and Ann Jones and for me he probably ranks #1 due to his efforts in Laban conducting and music education. He also wrote a fabulous book called the Musician's Soul. Anyone who has ever considered themselves even an ameatur artist or a creative being, it is a must read!!!

Anyway, I digress. While we are in rehearsal, there are babysitters provided to keep the kids. This is the picture that one of the sitters emailed me. Cavett and Kendrick are the only boys. There is another girl, Lauren, who brought many girly things to play with including dress-up clothes. Cavett insisted on wearing her "get-up."

The first time this happened at church, I thought, no big deal. He doesn't realize that Cinderella is a girls only costume. Then Friday he went to a girlfriend's house, Campbell, to play while I took Kendrick to the Dr. and again he insisted on wearing the cheerleader outfit rather than the Power Ranger costume. I guess I need to start a dress up trunk and find some "manly" things to put in it. And, then we need to take them wherevere we go to play!

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