Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bird Poop

I have decided that baby spit up is like being pooped on by a bird--same consistancy and disgusting. This one just barely missed me and Kendrick ( and this wan't even the biggest splat of the day!) If I could change one thing about babies, that would be it. Let me change poopy diapers all day, but the spit up has got to go! How about you? What would you change about babies? Comment away...

On another note, we had to get out of the house today. It's a kinda grey, blah day, but we brightened it by a little laughter in the park. Here are a few of Cavett's musings.


the Chaneys said...

Maybe I would make it so that babies could never have runny noses. Or maybe I would make it so that babies could actually fall soundly asleep whenever you said a certain magic word like

KK said...

Iagree completely with the spit up. We will replacethe carpet as soon as he's over it!