Friday, January 25, 2008

Cavett's Birthday Poem

It's been a long week with Daddy gone. But he comes home in about 3 hours. We can't wait to have him back.

On another note, I meant to post this yesterday, but forgot. Lately, my wonderful mother-in-law has been struck with the gift of poetry. She wrote a sweet poem for Kendrick's baptism and yesterday she sent Cavett a birthday poem. Grandmama, you are one special lady and we love you! Thank you.


Oh me, oh my; oh my, oh me!!
Young Cavett, the boy, has just turned three!

A boy who plays, a “play-boy” he!
We wonder what he’s going to be.
When he grows tall and strong and bold
What will he do when he gets old?

Maybe he’ll play a game each day.
Each day he’ll search and search away
For a wonderful, hidden, God-given surprise
That appears before his very eyes!

A thing that God would have him discover
To make himself a great God-lover!

And as he grows older and older each day
To be 30 or 40 or 80, let’s say
He’ll still be a child who loves to play
The game of discovering every day
What wonder is given to him today
By a God who delights to see the way
Cavett finds the hidden surprise of the day!!

From grandmamma
January 23, 2008

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