Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Highlights

Watching Stephen carve the turkey for his Dad.

  • Dinner in Grand Saline complete with 2 turkeys, ham, mashed potatoes, the best sweet potatoes ever, the best green beans wrapped in bacon ever, 2 kinds of yummy dressing and a never ending sideboard of desserts including chocolate chip bourbon pecan pie.

  • Watching my boys play tennis ball golf with their older cousins and uncles.

  • Taking my first ride on a four wheeler.

  • Watching the boys take a dip in the upstairs hot tub.

  • Flipping through my great-great grandmother's burned bible to find family teasures pinned to pages.

  • Playing dress up in Uldene's costume jewelry with the girls.

  • Trapping a skunk and Stephen shooting him with a 9mm.

  • Being thankful for 2 large, kind, beautiful families with many generations of dear saints before them all of which who love me and my own little family.

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