Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dinosaurs Alive!!!

Tuesday afternoon we headed out to the Heard Museum, a mere 5 miles from our house. For those of you from Shreveport, this is like Walter B. Jacobs on a larger level. They were having an exhibit of animatronic dinosaurs which were placed along one of the nature trails. After viewing the indoor exhibits, we bounded down the stairs and headed for the trail. The first dinosaurs we came across were very small and didn't make any sounds. The boys crawled right on top and I caught the photo op. We continued down the trail and the boys stopped dead in their tracks. I wasn't looking at what was ahead and Kendrick started running the other way. As soon as this dinosaur roared, I jumped! It was pretty creepy. Kendrick proceeded to stay glued to my neck for the entire rest of the trail. At first Cavett had to run past the dinosaurs, but eventually he became very comfortable. Finally at the end, there was one large T-rex that was for photo ops and Kendrick finally left my neck.

Afterwards, we found the live animal area and Kendrick was enamoured with the kangaroos. There were at least 5 smallish ones that just kept bounding back and forth--such interesting animals. Next came a mile long trail which took us through the prairie, the forest
across a road and then through the swamp. Along the way, we searched for the largest leaves they could find. Mission accomplished. They both walked the entire way. They wore themselves out.

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