Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toe Update

Kendrick's toe is healing fast and the boot has not slowed him down in the least.  He has gotten lots of attention from it and hasn't been to bad for him.  For the rest of the family, he's a bit grimey from lack of a full bath and we all have bumps and bruises from him "accidentally" using it against us. 

Last Friday before the Ranch we went to see Dr. Campbell and she took a look at everything.  It was healing nicely she said and decided to take the stitches out this past Monday after the Ranch weekend.  (Kendrick took this picture at the first post-op appointment with my phone while they were trying to get the bandages off the wound.)

He still has the boot and we all hope to get rid of it at our next appointment on Monday.  Thank you to all for the prayers and concerns!  

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