Monday, June 14, 2010

The Ranch

Back in the Spring my college roommate and best friend, Renee invited us to the Dallas Children's Chorus Gala.  We had a great time at the event and ended up winning an auction item of a weekend at a ranch house up near Lake Texoma with the Trumon and Adrianne and Renee and Chuck.   We had such a great time even with Kendrick's boot impeeding full fun.  Here's my top ten of the weekend.

1.  Feeding really long-horned Longhorns.

2.  Reading stories to the littlest ones.

3.  Wearing the kids out in the pool.

4.  Fresh picked fruit.

5.  Dragonflies and Butterflies everywhere.

6.  Canoeing, Golfcarting Tree Swinging and Fishing.

7. Adult dinners while the kids are fast asleep.

8.  Sharing the ups and downs of motherhood while rocking on the front porch.

9.  Watching the boys and men bond.

10.  Friends that last a lifetime!

For more pictures, see my facebook page.

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