Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guest Blogger of Sorts

My sister, Candace is having guest bloggers for her blog while she is taking care of her newest addition.  Little does she know, but she is doing a better job at blogging than myself.  So, here is her blog about her trip to my house.  She even took all the pictures!

The Hills are alive with the sound of music. Or is it...

and silly kids

and mommas shooing kids away from sleeping babies

and fun in the sun

and a little girl who sings Little Mermaid songs a hundred thousand times, going under the water and then emerging for the final and dramatic "part of that.... WORLD!!!!"?

I don't know about the hills of Austria, but the Hill Family house was full of all of the above and much more starting well before seven am every day this week. Thanks again, sis. We'll be back soon to make some more crazy noise beautiful music together. And next time, we'll bring Nana. And maybe even KK and William. And we'll take a bigger car. And we won't get lost on I-30. Or stuck in a torrential thunderstorm.

Or have kids with emergency surgery.


It's a deal sister!

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