Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

This Father's Day was different.  It was a bit melancholy, bittersweet and I am afraid that enough wasn't done to celebrate the wonderful Dad that my children have.  He's the only one left and it was felt by both Stephen and I. 

We did what we could and tried to make the morning fun with a "surprise" breakfast in bed and a cool "card," while rushing to get out the door to church. 
But then Stephen had to go the office and there was also the funeral we were contemplating this Thursday. 

We tried Kendrick in his rubber boot in the pool, but it just didn't work.  And Stephen decided that he would power wash the patio instead of relax.  Maybe that was what he needed to get his mind off of it all.  But, the air still hung heavy with sorrow.

I know this feeling all too well and I know it doesn't go away, but the waves do get further apart.  

What I also know is that Cavett and Kendrick's Dad is so very self-sacrificing, kind, caring, sweet, strong, trustworthy, perservering, godly.  He is the best role model I could ever ask for for my little men.  We are truly blessed to have him as the head of our household. 

And, Stephen never would have been this type of man if he didn't have it as a role model growing up in his own family.    

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CC said...

Diet Coke and pancakes in bed. I LOVE it!!!!!