Monday, June 7, 2010

I Knew We Would Be Here

At some point in having boys, I knew my life would lead me to the hospital/emergency room.  It was inevitable, especially with how laid back I am and how active my boys are.  I was prepared.  But, when the moment presents itself, you just really still stand there in shock wondering what to do first. 

This morning was just that day.  Kendrick rolled into my bedroom at about 7:00 already asking for his cousins, the Chaneys who were to come visit today and then a breakfast request followed closely behind.  In my pj's, I got him started on a sippy cup of milk and his favorite cereal bar, but he has a hard time staying in his chair or in this case, stool at the bar.  He is up and down constantly.  I began unloading the dishwasher and getting things ready for the day.  Cavett came in and joined Kendrick for breakfast.  At some point while I was at the sink, Kendrick tried to crawl back onto his stool, but instead fell down and pulled it over on top of his foot. 

It has happened  in the past that he has fallen off many things, but this sounded different.  When I rounded the corner of the island, I saw it.  Blood and lots of it.  I picked him up trying to comfort him and immediately called Stephen's office leaving out the courtesy comments to Trish, the front desk girl.  He told me to run it under water and evidently recognized the question in my voice and hurried home to see himself. 

I threw on a swim suit-cover-up dress and pulled my sunglasses out of my purse to use as a head band for my greasy hair.  We went to his office to X-ray it while we waited for the pediatrician's office to open at 8:30.  While I waited in the car with both kids, I posted a pic on Facebook asking "what would you do--pediatrician or ER?"   Well, the pediatrician was stacked up and they referred us to a podiatrist nearby.  Our appointment was to be at 10.  Kendrick still hadn't calmed down or stopped crying.  I ran home, grabbed the Tylenol with codine leftover from Kendrick's last ear infection 2 weeks ago, a puzzle for Cavett and a real headband for me.  We run back to Dad's office for Cavett to hang out and then find the podiatrist office in the Medical Building attached to Presbyterian Hospital Allen.  (That's a blood blister on the bottom of his big toe!)

I fill out the obligatory paperwork while holding a child clutching his baby blanket in only a diaper and a T-shirt with a "bloody flesh wound" of a foot while getting looks from at least 5 other people in the tiny waiting home.  I'm thinking, "I should have gone with my instincts and just gone to the ER to begin with."  Finally, we are called back and the nurse begins to clean it by just pouring a saline solution over it to get the residual blood off to see what we are dealing with.  We take more X-rays and go back to the room.  She offers him animal cookies while we wait, but I tell her I had a snack in my purse and I give him the rest of the cereal bar and a Capri Sun Water.  Bad idea.

About 40 minutes later, the very sweet, kind, smart, and thorough doctor comes into look, takes me to see enlarged X-rays and decides we need to go to the OR to be able to better see what we are dealing with.  She was concerned with the "dirty nailbed" and having a laceration infecting the bone.  Deadly combo.   She also didn't want to traumatize him into thinking doctors were bad for the rest of his life.  I agreed.  At this point I change my mind about the ER, glad that I went with someone who took the time to care about my child's emotions as well as wounds.

She gently taped it up and we waited for nearly an hour watching Sesame Street while she made the preparations and secured the anesthesiologist.  We then moved to the registration/cashier desk of the hospital to a very kind woman who had deep sympathy for our extraordinary deductible amount.  From there we went upstairs for a re-op visit and met our nurse. 

By 1:00 we were on our way home to meet our cousins who had already made it to our house.  Thankfully, Stephen with Cavett had also met Candace at the house and got everyone fed by the time we got there.  Kendrick couldn't have food or drink for 6 hours, which was why I shouldn't have given him the snack earlier.  Luckily, Zeke was ready for his nap and Kendrick followed suit.  I got a  little sun with the older kids and Candace and took a shower. 

I woke Kendrick up from his nap and we were back at the hospital by 3:30.  I snuggled with him in his bed as we watched Arthur and played on my iPhone.  Just as Dad arrived, so did the doctor.  We me the anesthesiologist and got his first calming dose and put on his "hat."  Evidently, Versdat makes him a bit defiant before the full effect kicks in.  Dad carried him as far as he could.  Surgery began by 4:45.   

The plan was to clean it up and and take off at least one toenail.  It ended up though, that both were lacerated, she took both the great nail and the second nail on his right foot off and gave him stitches.  It took longer than she expected but I was back in the recovery room with him by 5:20.  His first awakening was quite violent with him trying to rip out his IV.  I got in bed with him and sang his favorite two songs, "Spirit of the Living God" and "You Are My Sunshine," and by the end of that he was calmed down and sleeping again.  15 minutes later he began to really wake up.  He was going to be fine. 

We got back to the room, saw Dad and talked to the doctors.  2 weeks with a boot--no swimming or baths.  After water, 2 red Popsicles, 8 peanut butter crackers and apple juice all was much better with the world.  This is not a children's hospital, but they had all they needed for us.  A wagon ride will put a smile on anyone!

We came home to two saints--Candace and my sister-in-law, Amber who had taken care of the rest of the kids.  Dinner was completed, toys were being picked up and showers and stories were on their way.  Blessed I am for these two!

My little trooper had another 2 bananas and cried about not being able to take a shower with the rest of them.  I can only imagine what it is going to be like keeping this fish out of the swimming pool!  I gave him more Tylenol and tucked him in bed. 

What a day!  Not at all what I was planning, but God has his reasons.  Maybe it will slow this one down and knock some "careful" into this "bull in a china shop!"  I am just so blessed that I had so many friends offer words of encouragements and prayers.  I could really feel the enveloping of God's children and their prayers around us.  So, thank you to each of you who said a prayer for Kendrick and Stephen and me.  We really appreciate you ad know that God answers prayers!


cbranch said...

Wow, what an eventful day. I am so glad to hear that Kendrick is okay! He is quite the little trooper! You have angels watching over your little ones and this is quite evident by your story! You are such a wonderful, caring and devoted mother! Your babies have nothing to fear with you by their sides! Take care and hope to see y'all soon! Christina Branch :)

Allison said...

Jennifer, I am glad all went well in surgery and that all of the prayers comfoted you in your time of need! We are still praying for a quick healing of his foot!

Adrianne said...

We have been in constant prayer for sweet Kendrick. Walker remembered him at every mealtime prayer and at bedtime. At dinner Lauren said "amen, Kenwick"... she loves her little friend. Praying for a speedy recovery, and patience with the no water issue.

Jennifer Cox said...

What a trooper! I am glad everyone is ok. Kendrick was really lucky that you are so calm and have the gift of song to soothe him. We will keep you all in our prayers! - The Coxes