Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Komodo Dragon

We went to the zoo this morning as promised. This is probably our last trip there for quite some time. It was a gorgeous day, so I knew that it would be fairly busy--thus the matching red shirts and khaki shorts. Mom even got in on the act. It's also that time of year that schools take their field trips. Little did I know, it was our neighborhood elementary school's field trip day at the school and we ran into so many friends!

Kendrick enjoyed the playground most of all and finally pulled the stunt that had so many Moms gasping in shock and horror when Cavett did it before the age of 2. He made it down the fire pole reaching over the gap without fear or trepidation. Cavett's love is the Children's Zoo. From the time we stepped into the park, that is where he wanted to go.

However, the most interesting part of the trip for me and Cavett too, I think, was visiting the Komodo Dragon. We nearly forgot about him, but remembered on our way out of the park. Cavett must have sat there watching him for at least 10-15 minutes. Many groups came and went all the while Cavett sat there. (Which takes me to the observation of how quick people really look and observe things--mere seconds. And, it's not just the kids! The adults scoot the kids along just as quick sometimes. Ok, back on task.) Don't get me wrong, Cavett was not still, nor was he silent. He knew this animal and wanted everyone else to know what it was as well. Kids and adults alike called him an alligator, a lizard, a crocodile, an iguana. Cavett corrected each and every mis-spoken word. He also tried to encourage the Dragon to stick out it's forked tongue and show everyone. Luckily, he obliged.


davis family said...

Looks like such a good time! We will have to take a trip to the Ft.Worth Zoo after your big move. Can't wait to have you guys up here!

Allison said...

Great pictures. Looks like a fun time. Ironically, it is zoo week at Max's school for the letter Z. Tomorrow I have to send in pics of him at the zoo. So, earlier today I was going through our zoo pics to print some off. I really think that Cavett and Max will get along. I can't wait to meet you in person.