Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This blog is brought to you by Kendrick. It's been awhile, a long while, since I have written and much less about this little firecracker. So, it's high time that I filled you in on my wee one.

His latest trick is jumping off curbs. First off he loves them, especially if they are painted red. He gravitates to them just like a camel to water in a desert. He uses them as balance beams and then squats all the way to the ground, waits for me to count (doesn't really matter, what numbers or how long) and then tries to jump. Sometimes, both feet happen at the same time, but others it's still one at a time.

He finds great amusement in sneezing. He has taken to just saying, "ah, ah, ah, choo!" whenever and employs the head motions to coordinate.

The lights in the parking lots at night--he believes those are cameras. He looks up and with the biggest, squintiest face and eyes and says, "CHEESE!"

He adores his brother. He wants to do everything just like him, even if that means sitting in time out next to brother. He calls Cavett "Khaki." He just can't get the V going.

At our SongPlay class he has learned the art of waiting. We play a "peek-a-boo" game that he will have his eyes covered for lengths at a time--upwards to a minute. He will even do it to himself. That is an eternity to a child! He loves the anticipation of the event.

He is quite a hurricane and is very determined and stubborn (I guess that comes from me), but the sweetest loving hugs and kisses come from him to.


Allison said...

He is too cute! I love how he will say Cheese at the lights in the nighttime parking lots! I've never heard that one before. CAn't wait to meet you guys.

Tom said...

Nice kids, there are looking Handsome.

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