Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shout Out Sunday

Today's shout out goes to the Davis family! We have now know Trumon and Adrianne for 17 years now. We all went to undergrad at Centenary and then Stephen followed Trumon down to Houston for dental school. They hosted us during our latest stay in Dallas and we couldn't have been more comfortable. We throughly enjoyed catching up with them and having "shop" talk. To have someone who knows exactly all the details and ins and outs of what you are going through is highly helpful.

However, the best part of the time together was watching the little ones interact. Cavett calls their eldest son "Big Walker." (We have a baby Walker friend, too.) Walker and Cavett are so much alike that it isn't even funny. They are a about a month apart in age. They play off each other and really enjoy the friendship.

Kendrick is a bit older than their youngest, Lauren. But, she still gave him quite a few smiles and watched his every move.

We are blessed to have such wonderful friends open their home to us and lend an ear for moral support. It will be great fun to have them nearer if and when we move that way. Thanks again guys!


davis family said...

We LOVED having you guys here. Walker was very dissapointed when he realized that you weren't staying the weekend. That is such a cute picture of the boys! Your two boys are so delightful, they are so well behaved and fun have around. I hope we get to have you guys closer, we need Cavett, with his sweet disposition and incredible manners to be a good influence on Walker! No kidding, that child is awesome, he is the most well behaved 4 year old I have ever met. Hope your busy day was a productive one, we will continue to keep you all in our prayers.

Falcone Family said...

Sniff, sniff for Bela :-(
But, I do love the friendship for both Cavett and Kendrick. They will cherish each other!