Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Talkative Son

Unfortuately, Stephen and Kendrick have been under the weather the entire weekend--fever, sore throats, coughs, luckily no tummy aches. As a result I got lots of great one on one time with Cavett.

Friday evening we spent with neighbors. Cavett got to stay up late playing with his friend Parker who is a year and a half younger. He played so well with him and was so sweet and I got to catch up with his mommy, Nichole.

Saturday was yard day. We went to the Garden Center and bought flowers for the front yard and did lots of weed pulling in the flower beds. Since Cavett had stayed up late the night before, a nap was in order. I continued to work in the yard and poor Stephen even helped out using the neighbor's power washer on the side of the house and trimming some shrubs. The treat of the day was going to Isabela's "Happy Heart" Party. She was having one last hurrah before her next heart surgery which is scheduled for April 14. Cavett thoroughly enjoyed the trampoline and the pinata. As always they played "Doctor" as well this time covering both of Cavett's eyes with band-aids.

This morning the boys were still sick, so Cavett and I headed to church. Afterwards we enjoyed the Pure Sound Spaghetti Auction and ran a few errands on the way home.

All this to say, we had much time in the car to have lengthy conversations. After Isabela's party hanging with the girls, Cavett told me that he wants a big sister so that he can give her "toe paint" (finger nail polish.) Of course, I told him that that would be impossible, but he might could have a baby sister. That didn't intrigue him as much.

Another subject was after we saw two motorcycles pulled over by a cop on the way to church. I told him that they were going way too fast. So fast that they may even have to go to jail. Cavett's response, "like a cage in a castle?" (a la Disney's Robin Hood). From there the good guys and bad guys conversation commenced which also included good pirates and bad pirates with and without swords.

On the way home we discussed seasons and how on the "bottom" of the world it is beginning to become colder, while here it is beginning to get hotter. You may remember from a couple of weeks ago's children's sermon we are very into geography and the people in other countries. He also discussed the fact that he wants to go to Mexico and California one day. I reminded him that he had been to California to see Joe and "Kay-ee" when he was Kendrick's age, but of course he didn't remember that.
The best part of all though was the statement he made out of the blue on Friday afternoon while Kendrick was napping. "Mommy, you will always be my best friend." It brought tears to my eyes. If only, I could get that in writing.


Allison said...

Awwww, what a great weekend...definitely a "pie and ice cream" kinda weekend in my book!

Falcone Family said...

Awesome weekend!
Isabela and I had a similar conversation in my car last Friday around 4:00 pm about seasons when she asked me in such a puzzled state, "Mami, I don't understand, why is the moon out at the same time as the sun?? why????? It's daytime, the sun's turn" Oh, boy, was wishing Sam was with me, he can explain the reasons better than me, for sure!

Candace Chaney said...

That's so sweet. BFF with mom. Love it.

Claire said...

AWWW, shucks- Cavett. That's just awesome! Your mom should be your best friend!