Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dental Offices

We spent this weekend looking at 5 different dental offices in the Dallas area—Wylie, Richardson, Frisco, Allen and Plano. We dropped the kids off in Grand Saline Friday and headed out to find the next chapter in our lives. We saw 5 completely different types of practices, and may have found a fit in Allen. We just need to get a bit more information.

Normally, dental offices just meld into the scenery, but what struck me as we drove around were the names of practices. When you are looking for practices, you just notice they are absolutely everywhere. We saw some doozies and I began to keep record they were so funny. (Aside: none of these were practices we were considering.)

  • Soft Touch Dental

  • Feather Touch Dentistry

  • Dedicated Dental

  • Proactive Dentistry

  • Zen Dental Care

What were some of these doctors thinking? I mean, are you insinuating that dentists mean to inflict pain? Or maybe that you intend to give you a crown when all you need is a tiny filling? What ever happened to just using the dentist’s name. I guess it is all marketing and when you want to sell your practice, the transition is better. However, I just don’t like the “descriptive” naming practice.

So, what should we name our future practice?


Allison said...

I would just go with your name!

Glad you had a productive weekend here. If you need anymore info about this area, let me know.

davis family said...

Though it doesn't reflect the gentleness of care, I personally like those Dazzle Dental practices. They are a francise, so the name could be yours for a price- lol. Trumon actually just hired a girl who used to work at one, so I've been asking questions about what makes them so dazzling. I'll pass along any answers I get. Allen is such a nice area, and we would love to have you guys close. Trumon is actually mid way through his buyout right now, we have decided to seperate from the other two partners and go it alone. I know it will be for the best long term, but right now I just feel an ulcer developing. You guys are in our prayers, we know your situation very intimately. Let me know if you need any info, we have a great realtor and Trumon's supply rep is a lot of help.

Candace Chaney said...

How bout "Hill of Beans Denistry" or
"Hill of a good Dentist!" Ha Ha!!!!

PS- SOOOO excited at the prospect of having you closer!!!!

Elaine said...

It gets worse. Here there's a highly acclaimed jungle dentist.

Elaine said...

By the way, Becky is in Arlington now, so we get down there from time-to-time. It'd be great to see ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Will says you should just go with Soft Feather Touch Dedicated Proactiv Zen Dentistry

Heidi said...

Top of the HIll Dentistry-King of the Hill Dentistry, As Dr. Hill gets older-Over the Hill Dentistry. With a name like "Hill" you have alot of material."I break people's necks Dentistry".(I know that is a cruel joke, but I had to throw that one in) What are you talking about-He can't leave us! Who is going to do the work around here?

Elizabeth said...

Funny. Now I'll have to start paying attention to our dental office names. The one we go to is so boring: Family Dental Service. (*Yawn*)