Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oh, What a Night!

As you were reading the title, Oh What a Night, you might have been confused. I'm not talking about the Super Bowl. In fact, Stephen asked me if I even knew who was playing. I said "I am pretty sure the Patriots and then maybe the Eagles or Packers?" Ok, so I guess I had at least one right. Who cares who wins this game and how will it really effect my life? And, why is such a big deal? People don't go crazy over the World Series or the Basketball finals like this. Do they? Maybe it is yet another "reason" to just have a party.

Anyway, unknowingly, back in December I bought tickets to the musical, Jersey Boys, for Stephen's birthday. Originally, I got Sunday night tickets because there were good seats open that day and he had Monday off. (But, that got changed to Friday...oh well). Stephen didn't even realize until a week ago that it was Super Bowl either, so don't feel too bad about him missing it.

We went to dinner at Artista which is the restaurant at the theater. Fantastic food. Highly recommended, but our service was a little slow due to the fact it was SB night and everyone is trying to get out of there just in time for the show. In fact, we weren't able to get our dessert in time, so we got our Tres Leches at intermission for free. Theirs is the best in Houston.

It was a great show and I think Stephen enjoyed it. I had already seen it in NY a couple of years ago. It won Best Tony that year as well. So, if it comes to your area or you go to NYC, go see it. It's a good time and if you are from The Four Seasons era (60's) I'm sure it will bring back memories.
For those of you young-ens or who have no music knowledge they sang the following:

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