Sunday, February 24, 2008

A hobby

Today in Sunday School Carol Beth and I were discussing last weekend since we weren't at church. I told her about the motorcycle and she asked, "Why did he want a motorcycle?" After thinking about it for a week, I decided, not only did it help with our car situation, it is Stephen's "hobby."

Stephen is not an avid sports fan. He doesn't go to football, basketball, or soccer games. He likes to hunt, and if we lived closer to his parents he might do it more often. But, he's not really into that either. He likes to sail, but we moved to far away from the Bay. Golf is not is game either. He didn't really have a hobby. Now that he has a motorcycle, he has an outlet other than watching re-runs of movies on the TBS or USA channels. I'm happy he's having fun.

Last night was my friend, Wendy's birthday party. We met her and her friends in Rice Village for dinner and we took the bike. It was my first time to ride more than 100 yards. It was a little sacry at first and I prayed the biggest prayer I've ever prayed in my life! I got used to it though and towards the end, enjoyed it. It still makes me nervous though. We need to get a backrest so I don't feel like I might fly off! It was a bit chilly, but really not bad.

This afternoon is gorgeous and so Stephen and one of our neighbors (whose trailor we borrowed to get the bike home) went riding this afternoon. I'm glad that Stephen now has something that he enjoys doing and has a "Boy"-friend to hang out with. He needed an outlet with all the work he has been doing the past 4 years.


the Chaneys said...

Great picture, but tell me you had a helmet...

Hill Family said...

Yes, we both have helmets. It would be too cold and my hair would totally be tangled. THey just don't make for a very good picture.