Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cavett's Final Kindergarten Field Trip

Today we headed to the Dallas Zoo.  We actually hadn't ever been there so it was an adventure for all!  I was a chaperone for Cavett's class and had him in a group with 3 other boys.  We met the bus at the zoo about 10:00 and off we went.

To my surprise and delight the kids were so well behaved and obeyed so well!  It was great fun for all of us and even more fun that Stephen and Kendrick got to go as well. 

Highlights of the day include, but are not limited to....

a snake eating a large mouse,

the gorillas chasing one another and then randomly surprising us with a loud high-five on the plate glass window where the kids faces were glued,

viewing the giraffe's up-close and personal,

the new African Savannah Exhibit,

 and the chipanzee mother cuddling her baby.

We are looking forward to going back so that we can enjoy more with the addition of riding the monorail next time. 

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Allison@Slice of Heaven said...

We hope to get there soon and see the Giants of the Savannah exhibit. The last time we were there (April 2010), it was almost finished.

Eww,I can't believe you saw a snake actually eating his prey. I don't know that I could have handled that. LOL.