Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Smiles from the Garden

Last year we put in tons of hours putting in plants.  This year we are reaping the rewards.  Meet a few of my favorites and rare ones.
This is a Balloon flower, because of the way it buds.  Last year, we only got a few blooms and then it died...I thought.  This year, I have a glorious little  patch of interesting purple blooms.

This plant is a new addition this year, because I thought the Hostas got too much sun and didn't do well last year.  But, I spoke too soon, because the Hostas came up with vigor.  So now they are accompanied by 3 of these interesting Leopard plants, obviously named due to its yellow spots.

Nothing new about this set, but it is amazing how vigorous everything is growing--Yellow Sundrops, Pink Scullcaps, and Purple Veronica Royal Candles.

And you can't forget the mint in the container which I haven't transplanted or touched in at least 5 year.  It just keeps coming back!


Allison@Slice of Heaven said...

What beautiful pictures! I can only imagine it is more amazing in person! I wish I had a green thumb, but unfortunately....not so much!

Anonymous said...

Can't kill mint if you try. Thank goodness. My husband likes julips. The leopard plant is funny. It looks like dollar weed with a disease!