Thursday, May 19, 2011


I bet you think this is another potty-training post.....Wrong!

Kendrick has been talking about pets at school this week.  They read our favorite story, Harry the Dirty Dog and did a matching craft.  We sent in a picture of our own pet, Puccini.  But, today when I picked him up, he was coming home with a new pet--a hamster.  He was the cutest little brown puff ball with googily eyes and a tiny pink nose.  When I asked Kendrick what his hamster's name was, without hesitation, he replied, "Poo-Poo!"  So, we went with it.

Poo-Poo went to Costco with us this evening and we had great fun while saying, "Kendrick, can I hold your poo-poo?"  "Where is Poo-Poo?"  "Is Poo-Poo in your pocket?"  "Who has Poo-Poo?"  "Pick Poo-Poo up off the floor!"  "Can I pet your Poo-Poo?"  Really, I don't think anyone took any notice, but we laughed and it made the trip a bit more managable. 

Gotta love this kid's sense of humor!  Boys.....

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