Friday, February 11, 2011

Fruition, Finally

I didn't want to post pre-maturely. I wanted to make sure there was complete mastery and it wasn't dumb luck or a one-time thing. But for almost 3 weeks now,


We are out of our "hard season."  I know it is really weird to post a blog on something like this, and no, there will be no picture associated although I have them.  But, this is a really big deal.  It's been a long 9 months.  We started this process last spring with the push from his pre-school teacher.  I knew he wasn't ready, but she insisted.  By fall he finally mastered #1, but the poop drug on, and on, and on.  Stephen read on the internet that there are kids that never do it on the potty and not because they can't.  They choose not too.  (Scary!)  We moved to underwear and sometime in November he began having 3-8 bowel movements a day the size of Hershey Kisses.  Not so sweet.  

By January, I was worn out and besides praying about it every now and then, it became a daily prayer.  Mid-January, I felt the need to seek medical advice.  The doctor decided he was constipated and meds followed.  It was not a pretty week following, especially with  Dad in Vegas.  Many tears were shed by all. I knew it was bad when he said to me, "Mommy, take a deep, deep breath."   But, a week and a half later, a bag of gummy worms and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, he was making major strides toward mastery.  

If you ask him what his "high" is for the day now, he will say "pooping on the potty" 90% of the time.  He's proud of himself and I am extremely proud of him as well.  It wasn't until I gave it completely over to God realizing that I could do nothing and that it had to be Kendrick's decision did anything ever happen.  Yet again proof of His sovereign control over every thing, everywhere and He has perfect timing.  It was His timing to show me that I am not in control at all. 

So, our final "Hip-hip-hooray!" was this afternoon when we picked Cavett up after school and headed to Lewisville to play at Going Bonkers. 

Congratulations, Kendrick.  You are my very big boy now.  Now, you can stop growing up!


Allison said...

Yahoo!!!!! Sometimes we do just have to "Let go and Let GOD!"

Candace said...

Hooray, Kendrick!!!! AWESOMENESS!!!!!

Jennifer said...

way to go, big guy! tell your momma to email me at because she won my book giveaway and I need the mailing address! I'm so excited to share this book with your family.