Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Reading King

About mid-June we started hitting up the public library just across the street from Dad's office, Hill Dental Studio.  They were having a Summer Reading Challenge and Cavett took them up on it.  We decided to use the "titles read" sheet vs. the "time spent reading" sheet (easier for mom to keep track of.)  He really pulled through.  There were 25 spots for titles on the list and his goal was to fill them all.  And, that he did.  Some were way too easy for him, some he had read many times before, and some were a challenge.  But I can't totally tell he has so many more words at sight and he has can sound out just about anything.  Bright one, he is.  Let's hope his teacher this year has patience with him in keeping him engaged and can handle the squirming while he concentrates. 

Yesterday we turned in our sheet, and to our surprise the library gave him a new, free book!  He searched and searched until he found one of his new favorite chapter books--The Magic Tree House collection.  Of course the free ice cream cone at BR was a plus too.

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